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Temporary pedestrianisation of local towns and villages

New temporary pedestrianisation proposals have been implemented in towns and villages across the District from 15th June. The purpose of these is to facilitate queuing and social distancing while people are shopping, now that non-essential retail is permitted to be open following government guidance.

Market Harborough road closures and parking suspension

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  • Closure to traffic on Adam and Eve Street between St Mary's Road and the junction with Factory Lane (i.e. the access road next to Harborough Theatre) and the suspension of the on-street parking.
  • Introduction of two-way traffic along the section of Church Square running from the junction with Roman Way to Factory Lane and the suspension of the on-street parking along this section of Church Square. Blue Badge parking bays remain.
  • Closure of Church Street between High Street and Church Square and suspension of on-street parking. No access from King's Road on to Church Street.
  • Suspension of on-street parking on parts of High Street and Coventry Road.

Kibworth Beauchamp

  • Suspension of on-street parking on part of High Street up to Blue Badge parking bay which remains.


  • Introduction of advisory 20mph speed limit on High Street.

For further information please visit: https://www.harborough.gov.uk/info/20038/health_and_safety/338/town_centre_reopening_information

If you are interested in providing any feedback (positive or otherwise) please email customer.services@harborough.gov.uk

Posted: Sun, 21 Jun 2020 12:02 by Graeme Ostah

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