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Help reduce chemical usage in your garden/ allotment

Help reduce chemical usage in your garden/ allotment

A recent study by Anglain Water in the Welland Vale found that the vast majority of gardeners and allotment holders are either using organic methods or are doing their very best to reduce their chemical usage.

Knowledge of how to dispose of chemicals and there containers is generally good. It is important to make sure that any chemical or chemical washings are never poured down an inside or outside drain and instead are diluted with water and sprayed out onto sacrificial land e.g. a corner of the vegetable plot, away from any drains or watercourses.

Anglian Water is looking to work with local Councils to arrange a Garden and Allotment Chemical Amnesty to help with old/unwanted chemical disposal.

Posted: Tue, 18 May 2021 19:55 by Ann Baughan

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