Tugby & Keythorpe Parish Council

Serving the people of Tugby & Keythorpe

Clerk: Rosie Jordan
The Dairy House, Rolleston
Road, Rolleston, Leics LE7 9EN

Tel: 07710 384577

  • Neighbourhood Plan - Letter for Parish Landowners 22nd November 2019 (MS Word, 28 Kb)

    Full information is included in the link to the letter. In summary as part of the Neighbourhood Plan we are trying to identify all owners of land in Tugby & Keythorpe which could potentially be suitable for building new dwellings.

    If you own or represent someone who owns land in Tugby & Keythorpe Parish which you think might be suitable for building new homes, then please read or pass them this letter.

    Please note that this is only an information gathering exercise at this point. Our aim is to understand each landowner's preferences and we are not looking to support or deny any development proposals at this stage.

  • Neighbourhood Plan - Notes by Matthew Bills April 2018 (PDF, 5.4 Mb)

    Notes produced by Matthew Bills, Neighbourhood and Green Spaces Officer at HDC, for the public presentation on 17th April 2018.